MRP Cardiology Roundtable

Project Details

  • Department: Medicine
  • Lead Physician: Dr. Anna Dabu
  • Status: Ongoing

About the Project

This project aims to clarify who is the Most Responsible Physician (MRP) for patients who present with a primary cardiac condition that is acute. Clarifying which patient should be under which physician with regard to different common scenarios will improve patient care, resource utilization, and will more properly align physician skillsets to their patients’ needs. Through interdisciplinary roundtables with Internal Medicine, Cardiology, and ICU physicians, the project will increase collaboration between departments and to specifically clarify MRP status for the following:
-Threatened STEMI, thrombolyzed STEMI, repatriated patients post rescue PCI
-Outpatient pacemaker, out-of-hospital pacemaker
-Unstable arrhythmias with hypotension or heart failure, VT storm, post-op AF
-Elderly frail, demented patients with ACS
-Dialysis patients with ACS and, or heart failure

Project Updates

Discussions are ongoing.