NRGH Acute Stroke Care Improvement

Project Details

  • Department: ER, Neurology, Radiology
  • Lead Physician: Dr. John Boldon; Dr. Martin SuttonBrown
  • Status: Ongoing

About the Project

NRGH services a population with a high burden of CVA. A provincial initative to improve stroke care and EVT have put strain on the transport and imaging resources, the ER, Neurology and Radiology services at NRGH.


To bring together the stakeholders in acute stroke care to facilitate discussion around building a system of care for stroke patients in NRGH.

1) improve data collection around stroke care with admin support
2) implement a reasonable and efficient system rapid transport and assessment of patient meeting possible endovascular therapy criteria at NRGH
3) Implement clear referral and management pathways for ER patients with acute stroke, subacute stroke and TIA at NRGH
4) Discuss criteria for overnight emergent imaging and CT angio
5) Open dialogue between ER, radiology and neurology to avoid unnecessary conflicts stemming from resource utilization concerns
6) dissemination and provider education of developed pathways.

Project Updates

Inter-departmental meetings are ongoing and engagement via SIMs with medical staff to train and educate on developments.