Nanaimo General Surgeons Central Referral System (NGSCRS)

Project Details

  • Department: Surgery
  • Lead Physician: Dr. Bryan Wells, Dr. Huey Cheah, Dr. Dan Jenkin
  • Status: Completed

About the Project

This project aims to create a centralized referral system for all incoming general surgery and endoscopy referrals.

Goals include:

  1. To improve (i.e. decrease) general surgical referral-to-consultation wait times(i.e. “Wait 1” times) across the board, for all outpatient referrals.
  2. Streamline the referral process; which means making it easier for all referring physicians to get their patients seen by a surgeon in a timely fashion,and also improve communications (i.e. decrease unnecessary “back-and-forth”between referring and consultant offices).
  3. Build a referral system ‘infrastructure’ that leverages the current excellent collegiality among the Nanaimo Surgeons group (i.e. allows better“sharing” of patients with pathology treated by two or more of the surgeons).


Project Updates

Steps were taken to set up the department of surgery for success in receiving SSC funding. This included confirming department-wide commitment, outlining a vision, timeline, roles, leadership structure, and taking initial steps to begin the standardization of the existing waitlist management process.