Public hearing notice on “Cannabis Zoning Regulation”: Nanaimo City zoning bylaw hearing for cannabis dispensaries and school / daycare buffer zones.

September 6, 2018 at 7pm, Council Chambers in Conference Centre.

SD68 specifically requested evidence to support a 300 metre buffer and this was provided last week. Since then, Island MHOs have asked the recommendations be modified for a more general school position paper and the revised recommendations are:

1) Buffer zones precluding cannabis retail should be established around schools

2) Buffer zones around schools to protect youth wellbeing are recommended to be a minimum 300 metres and preferable to 600 metres

3) All proposed cannabis retail within 600 metres should be referred to school districts for consultation

4) School districts should consider exposure to marketing, normalization of cannabis use as a behaviour and the impact on student beliefs regarding the safety of cannabis in preparing responses of concern within 600 metres from schools.

5)Similar buffer zones should be established for retail sales for alcohol and tobacco.

No further submissions are permitted after the hearing is closed. Without opposition the Council is likely to agree a 150m buffer zone.

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