Project Success: Roots to Read – NRGH Newborn Literacy Program

Congratulations are in order for Dr. Bill Ehman and Dr. Jane Pegg, whose project debut was featured in Nanaimo News Now, Nanaimo News Bulletin & CTV News!

See below for a snippet of one article.

NANAIMO, British Columbia, June 1, 2022 (NANAIMO NEWS NOW) —

“Emphasizing the importance of reading, speaking and singing to babies, volunteers created take-home literacy kits to be handed out at NRGH.

The NRGH Newborn Literacy Program, now commonly referred to as Roots to Read, saw its first hand-sewn bag featuring two books handed out on Wednesday, June 1.

Pediatrician Dr. Jane Pegg, one of the driving forces behind assembling 600 literacy packages now being given to new families, said human brains grow the most in the first year of life.

‘It’s really, really important while those roots in our brain are growing to stimulate them. If we don’t stimulate they actually don’t grow,’ Pegg said at the program launch.

Dr. Pegg added talking, reading, singing and making eye contact with newborns make a much more positive impact on future literacy proficiency than most people think.”

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Click here to learn more about Roots to Read – NRGH Newborn Literacy Program.


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