NRGH Pediatric Call Group guidelines

Project Details

  • Department: Pediatrics
  • Lead Physician: Dr. Jane Pegg
  • Status: Ongoing

About the Project

NMSES funding will support the Pediatrics on-call group members to collaboratively develop a set of guidelines to define the Culture of Practice for this group at NRGH, including share attitudes and patterns of behaviors around department meetings, hiring, manpower, sick time coverage, locums, scheduling, leaves of absence, vacations, seniority/retirement, teaching, office/community practice. By creating this guideline we will improve the quality of care that we deliver by improving physician satisfaction in their work and ensuring that our work is structured to meet the need of our patient population.

Overall goals include:
-Fairness and transparency
-Improved inpatient care and safety/service to community
-Work-life balance, sustainable careers
-Vision for the future such as enhanced referral access