Doctors Lounge Redesign

Project Details

  • Department: All members
  • Lead Physician: Dr. Blair Rudston-Brown
  • Status: Completed

About the Project

In partnership with Island Health, the objective of this project is to redesign our current lounge at NRGH to become more functional, comfortable, and to increase overall usage.

The MSA membership has given approval for the redesign, which is ongoing and currently in the design stage.

A survey was sent out in June 2017 to members in order to asses doctors opinions/feelings of the current Doctor’s Lounge and future needs. Top rated amenities included:

  • high quality coffee vending
  • food service
  • library area
  • more comfortable furnishings
  • device charging station
  • +more

To date, the Lounge has received new, comfortable furniture, a new television, a bigger fridge, and a new state of the art coffee machine.


Project Updates

A redesign of the doctors lounge is meant to increase traffic and improve colleague engagement, socialization, and relationship building

The doctors lounge project is complete, with new furniture, coffee machine, television, and kitchen supplies. Since the space may be re-purposed in the future, only cosmetic changes will take place.