DoBC Health Authority Engagement Survey

Beginning May 24th, 2018, Doctors of BC will be conducting its 3rd annual Health Authority Engagement Survey which seeks feedback from physicians, including those who don’t work directly in a hospital, on their level of engagement with their respective Health Authority.

A new element to this year’s survey is the breakdown of results by Medical Leadership. This will allow each Health Authority to better understand and compare the views of front-line physicians and administrative physicians.

Doctors of BC members will receive an email on May 24th inviting their participation in the survey. The deadline for responses is midnight on June 21st, 2018. The survey is being conducted by the Health Standards Organization (HSO), an affiliate of Accreditation Canada. All responses are anonymous and confidential, neither Doctors of BC nor Health Authorities will have access to individual responses. Upon completion of the survey you may choose to enter to win one of two iPad Pros or Surface Pros. If members have any questions or do not receive their email invitation, please contact Doctors of BC at When results are available, they will be shared with all Doctors of BC members and health authorities. To access last year’s Survey Report click here.


Thank you,

Allyson Miller

Allyson C. Miller, MHA, BScH, CHE

Regional Advisor & Advocate, Island

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