Announcement of New MSA Executive

Dear MSA Colleagues,

We are happy to announce a successful election for the Executive of the MSA held at the NMSES AGM on October 5th, 2017. The continuation of Dr. Dave Forrest as President, as well as the nomination of Dr. Dave Coupland (Radiology) for Vice President and Dr. Rurik Hubner (Hospitalist) for Treasurer, were announced and supported unanimously by the membership present at the event. Your new MSA Executive, then, is:


President: Dr. Dave Forrest

Vice President: Dr. Dave Coupland

Treasurer: Dr. Rurik Hubner


The executive positions focus on governance of the MSA and forming relationships with Island Health executive to move forward the direction of the MSA.

There was an excellent turnout at this year’s AGM, and the ongoing participation is much appreciated. It is clear that our medical staff that is vital, robust, and committed to principle, community, and colleagues.

We would also like to acknowledge the efforts of the outgoing members of the Executive, Dr. Tony Booth (Vice President) and Dr. Alison Croome (Treasurer) over the past year, and are thrilled to continue to benefit from their erudite advice and dedication still as members of the Advisory Council. A great deal of gratitude is also owed to the entire Advisory Council, some of whom are not returning this year. Finally, I think it important to recognize the incredible support and advice from the Doctors of BC, particularly our Regional Advocate, Allyson Miller, whose sage advice and tireless work on our behalf has been crucial. Any success we have had in meeting the many challenges confronting the medical staff this year have been the result of much effort by an outstanding, skilled and dedicated team. We all owe them a great deal of thanks.

All medical staff are encouraged to become involved in the MSA and sponsored projects and activities. After all, our strength is founded in your engagement.

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