Partners in Care: Bolstering Patient Care and Return to Work Through a WorkSafeBC/Physician Collaboration

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Dr. Peter Rothfels, MD, Director of Medical Services WorkSafeBC

Dr. Alysalim Somani, MD, Manager of Medical Services WorkSafeBC

Lionel Earle, Senior Manager Claims and Rehabilitation Services, WorkSafeBC

Tamara Erickson, Client Services Manager, WorkSafeBC


Through an interactive presentation, WorkSafeBC’s Medical Services and Case Management Services team will outline the value of this initiative for medical practitioners and their patients by exploring the following topics:

  • How to can optimize care, access to resources, and disability management through greater collaboration between WorkSafeBC and community medical practitioners
  • The critical importance of integrating return to work into treatment plans
  • The essential role of modified work in supporting recovery and rehabilitation and keeping patients attached to the workplace
  • Removing barriers that could impede a patient’s return to employment
  • How to access WorkSafeBC’s support and multidisciplinary team


Skills Gained:

After attending this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the injured worker population of BC and the negative effects of prolonged worklessness on their health and well-being.
  • Access WorkSafeBC resources and medical advisors to support patient’s timely treatment, recovery, rehabilitation, and medically safe return to work.
  • Incorporate safe, durable, and timely return to work as part of treatment plans.

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