Orthopaedics for Primary Care Virtual Series 2023 | Session 1

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About the Event

The very popular Orthopaedic Virtual Series for Primary Care is back in 2023! This year’s theme includes pediatrics, spine, sports and trauma focused topics.

Session 1: Understanding Neck and Back Pain in Adult and Children

Neck and back pain are common complaints in both adults and children. This session will address best practices for the assessment and first-line treatment of neck and back pain, and what to do when the pain won’t go away.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify ‘red flags” during assessment
  • Outline best practices for first line treatment of neck/pain
    a. What to expect from physiotherapy and what constitutes an appropriate physiotherapy program
    b. How to counsel patients about management of neck and back pain
    c. Review management options for refractory neck/back pain
  • What steps can primary care physicians implement while waiting for consult

Click here to learn more & see the full series agenda.