Orthopaedics for Primary Care Virtual Series 2023 | Session 2

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The very popular Orthopaedic Virtual Series for Primary Care is back in 2023! This year’s theme includes pediatrics, spine, sports and trauma focused topics.

Session 2: Lost in Translation – Interpreting Radiology Reports of the Spine

Receiving imaging reports in the spine can be difficult to interpret for both the physician and for the patient. This session will focus on understanding normative findings in the spine, and on findings that require monitoring or urgent specialist referrals. We will also discuss clinical correlation to the radiographic findings.

Learning Objectives:

  • Distinguish the normative findings on imaging of the spine in adults and children, and differentiate between findings that necessitate monitoring or urgent specialist referral;
    a. Degenerative spine conditions;
    b. Scoliosis, spondylolisthesis etc.
    c. Benign lesion that you should not worry about: Tarlov cyst- hemangioma- bony island
  • Review the correlation of radiographic findings to clinical exam.
    a. Cord compression on MRI
    b. Understand correlation between MRI and patient symptoms: what causes neurologic claudication- radiculopathy

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