Physician Wellness Committee

Opportunity Details

  • Duration: Ongoing
  • Meeting Frequency: ~Once every 6 weeks
  • Monthly Commitment: Minimal
  • Meeting Location: NMSES Boardroom (to start)
  • Funding: Meeting sessionals/event costs
  • Funding Source: Facility Engagement Initiative/NMSES

About the Opportunity

Physician Wellness is a topic of interest amongst many Divisions of Family Practice and MSAs across the province. The MSA is planning to strike a committee to look at how we might improve Physician Wellness in our hospital and community, as well as to implement developed strategies. We are reaching out to the medical staff to find physician members who would be interested in participating.

The purpose is to form a grassroots initiative led by a local group. The committee will focus on physician recognition, support and engagement.

The time commitment is minimal, and we are hoping for a large number of participants with broad representation. The group would be separate from the advisory council and sessionals would be provided via the Facility Engagement Initiative.

If you are interested in joining the Physician Wellness Committee, please contact or call us at 250-591-2833.