Physician Lead for the RCME Community Funds Program

Opportunity Details

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  • Funding: Regional Funding
  • Funding Source: Rural Continuing Medical Education Community Program

About the Opportunity

Physicians living and working in Parksville/Qualicum are invited to learn more about the role of RCME Physician Lead role for the RCME community funds program for your region.



The Rural Continuing Medical Education (RCME) Community Program funds groups of physicians living and delivering care in eligible Rural Practice Subsidiary Agreement (RSA) communities to address their collective learning needs, unlike RCME for Individuals which is paid directly to the rural physician to facilitate individual learning needs.. The program aims to improve the capacity of local health care systems to address the needs of community members by giving physicians more control over collective learning activities, reducing the challenges of accessing funds, and improving relationships among health system partners.



Rural CME activities must meet the criteria and principles put forward by the Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues to be eligible for reimbursement. General principles are as follows:

·        Funds are to be used for RSA communities only

·        Funds should be applied in alignment with any priorities set out by the JSC and not in a way that may be contradictory with the priorities of the Health Authority or Ministry of Health

·        Funds should be applied in a way that is community focused and responsive to the needs of physicians. This includes being equitable and accessible across all physicians or groups of physicians (GPs, Specialists, GPs with enhanced skills)

·        Community funds may be accessed by groups of physicians to incentivize certain types of education including: building and sustaining regional professional care networks closer to home CME community or regional team- based care, etc.

·        Funds may be used to deliver activities involving allied health professionals in their community

·        Funds may be used to compensate physicians for time spent developing and/or planning CME events. Funds are not to be used to pay physicians for time spent participating in CME events

·        Unused funds can accumulate up to three (3) years. After three years, unspent funds would continue to remain with the community, and will only be replenished by the program if a plan is produced documenting future spending and goals of the accumulation




·        Promote the utilization of RCME Community funds to all medical staff

·        Engage community of physicians in RCME

·        Circulates materials to engage physicians in assessing community learning needs. If requested, collates results to make a list of preferred Community RCME topics

·        Ensures that RCME activities, events and plans are widely communicated to physicians and inter-professional team where applicable

·        Review and approve application requests to utilize RCME Community Funds

·        May allocate up to 20% of annual RCME Community Program funds to hire a local non-physician administrative support. If no local support:

o    Plans, coordinates and executes all aspects of educational events in partnership with various groups/individuals


·        Serves as the key contact for anything RCME related such as invoice approvals, education inquires, contact for the physician group

·        Works closely with local RCME Support if applicable for community, if no local support:

o    Connects with regional RCME Liaison regularly to receive updated RCME Community Budget information

o    Submits all completed cheque requests and accompanying invoices and receipts to the regional RCME Liaison for tracking and processing

o    Communicates education requests/planning to the regional RCME Liaison

o    Serves as the key contact for inquires and problem solving related to RCME responds to general inquiries from a variety of internal and external contacts in relation to RCME


Please reach out to with any questions or if you’d like to set up a time to discuss further.