Health Systems Redesign

Opportunity Details

  • Duration: Project specific, please inquire
  • Meeting Frequency: Project specific, please inquire
  • Monthly Commitment: Project specific, please inquire
  • Meeting Location: Project specific, please inquire
  • Funding: --
  • Funding Source: SSC, SCC, GPSC

About the Opportunity

Health System Redesign is co-funded by the Specialist Services Committee, Shared Care Committee, and General Practice Services Committees (collectively the Joint Clinical Committees of the Doctors of BC). Health System Redesign provides funding for Island Health to compensate physicians for their expertise and input into acute and community system redesign activities that align with the Island Health/MoH strategic priorities. If you are interested in connecting with any of these project teams, please contact Deborah Bartley, SSC Leader for Island Health ( For a full list of ongoing projects, please contact us via the link provided above, or