Trauma Lecture: Research that has Transformed Trauma Care

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About the Event

Speaker: Raul Coimbra, MD, Ph.D., FACS

Objectives: As a result of participating in this activity, learners should be able to:

  • Review important studies on modern trauma resuscitation
  • Discuss the principles of Damage Control Surgery and Damage Control Resuscitation
  • Describe indications and interpretation of Thromboelastography

There are constant advancements in clinical diagnosis, treatment, and best practices related to care of the injured patient. Considering the volume of research and numerous updates, it is challenging to keep abreast of compelling changes and trends in order to deliver cutting edge, evidence-based care. With this in mind, this year’s topic focuses on identifying those research papers which have been most impactful on the evolution of trauma care over the past two decades.

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