Mastering Crucial Conversations

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About the Event

Join Island Health for a CME-accredited, in-person medical leadership workshop, “Mastering Crucial Conversations” on Thursday, November 23, 2023. A Holiday Social will follow immediately after the workshop.

This is an excellent Opportunity to meet with other Medical Leaders from across Island Health.

Note: This workshop expands on the professional development session that took place in May 2023. Attendance at the spring session is not a requirement for the November 23 training.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review of key learnings from previous session and incorporation into new activities
    1. “What you think is what you do” – the power of thoughts
    2. Listening Levels
    3. Identifying and managing triggers
    4. Speaking assertively – the DEASO script
  2. Manage difficult conversations effectively using a five step dispute resolution model
  3. Use of the Awareness Wheel – strategies for finding clarity and enhancing mindful action
  4. Understanding the power of empathy
  5. “Finding you words” – the art and science of communicating assertively
  6. Strategies for remaining grounded in the face of resistance
  7. Application of learning through case studies, interactive table and dyad sessions, videos and exercises that move from theory to practice

If you are interested in attending this workshop, please RSVP or email 



8:30am-9am – Registration/Welcome

9am-4:30pm – Crucial Conversations Curriculum with Linda Dobson

4:30pm-6pm – Holiday Social