Introduction to Trauma-Informed Care for Midwives

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Presenter: Dr. Erika Cheng, Family Physician, Executive Director at Beyond the Cycle of Trauma Institute

Moderator: Kim Campbell, RM, MN, Lead Midwifery CPD Program

Join midwife colleagues in this small group workshop (max. 20 participants) to learn about developing improved resiliency and an increased capacity to provide trauma-informed care.

This is an introductory session that starts at the beginning of this complex topic, where emphasis is placed on fusing understanding of physiology with improved clarity on what we see clinically, and provides tools for effective responding.

Skills Gained:
  • Describe the clinically-relevant aspects of the physiology of triggering.
  • Apply knowledge of this physiology to better detect early signs of triggering in self or others (including clients, learners, or staff).
  • Utilize frameworks and tools to respond more effectively to one’s own triggers, or those of others (including clients, learners, or staff).

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