Illicit Drug Toxicity Crisis: Prevention and Management Strategies for Optimal Patient Care

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About the Event

Speakers:Alexis Crabtree (moderator), Public Health Physician, BCCDC; Substance Use and Harm Reduction, Public Health Response

Bohdan Nosyk, Associate Professor, St. Paul’s Hospital; CANFAR Chair in HIV/AIDS Research; Co-PI on the Safer Supply Evaluation

Charlene Burmeister, Harm Reduction Worker, BCCDC

Cherlyn Cortes, Harm Reduction Nurse Educator; BCCDC, Registered Nurse

Corey Ranger, Registered Nurse, Public Health Resource Nurse, BCCDC

Paxton Bach, General Internist and Addiction Medicine Physician, St. Paul’s Hospital; Co-medical Director, BCCSU; Clinical Assistant Professor Department of Medicine, UBC

Nel Wieman, Acting Chief Medical Officer, FNHA

Skills Gained:

As a result of attending the webinar healthcare professionals will:

1. Be able to identify patients at risk for illicit drug toxicity
2. Become familiar with and able to offer available clinical prevention and management options including safer supply
3. Be able to access available resources to support patient care

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