Annual Canada West Health Leaders Conference

Event Details

About the Event

The Canada West Health Leaders Conference is hosted by CCHL Western Chapters (Assiniboia (SK), BC Interior, BC Lower Mainland, BC Vancouver Island, Manitoba, Midnight Sun, Northern Alberta, Northern and Central Saskatchewan, and Southern Alberta). It’s the perfect opportunity to collaborate, learn, share knowledge, and build stronger networks with health leaders from various jurisdictions, provinces, and territories.

The Canada West Health Leaders Conference will explore:

  • How to develop strategies that foster justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in our organizations;
  • What tools do leaders need to nurture and re-energize the healthcare workforce and enhance capacity to implement meaningful change and achieve results;
  • What coalitions/partnerships are required to adopt effective processes and advancements in this area;
  • How to be innovative to ensure accessibility and equitable care in rural communities; and
  • How to address inequities, biases, systemic issues, and social determinants of health in order to provide access to culturally safe, equitable, and respectful healthcare.

Expected Outcomes
Conference participants will:

  • Build strong networks as well as an improved sense of community and support from other leaders facing similar challenges;
  • Exchange knowledge on leading practices, tools, and ideas that can be implemented into their work settings;
  • Identify champions of healthcare innovations that will influence improvements in the areas of diversity and inclusion, indigenous healthcare, and green healthcare; and
  • Engage with other leaders to explore traits of effective and innovative leadership to foster efficient solutions to manage today’s complex times.

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