3rd Annual BC Concurrent Disorders Conference

About the Event

2023 Theme: Best and Promising Practices: Understanding and Celebrating the Emerging Practices in Concurrent Disorders in BC, Canada and Globally

The third annual B.C. Concurrent Disorders Conference, hosted by PHSA’s BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services (BCMHSUS) is dedicated to advancing knowledge and building capacity among provincial mental health and substance use professionals who treat people with complex concurrent disorders. Growing on the success of previous conferences and targeted initiatives supporting in-house staff and provincial partners, BCMHSUS brings together leading mental health and substance use care experts to share innovative ideas for service delivery.  The conference is a space to discuss the most up to date evidence from research, combined with clinical expertise from treatment providers, as well as lived experience of people with mental health and substance use concerns and their families

While there is no official definition, concurrent disorders is the term commonly used to describe a condition where a person lives with a severe mental illness and substance use. The effects of living with Concurrent Disorders are far-reaching, impacting people, families, and entire communities, resulting in the need for integrative service delivery models.  This conference offers a unique opportunity to inspire meaningful hope and build a better future for people and their families with mental health and substance use.

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