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, February 6, 2020New Physician Welcome Package – NanaimoWelcome to Nanaimo! This package, created by the Nanaimo MSA’s New Physician Wellness Program, contains …pdf resourcemsa nanaimo nrgh resources welcome
, January 27, 2020MSA WebsitesMSA Websites: http://www.facilityengagement/regional-sharing.capdf resourcemsa
November 27, 2019Nanaimo MSA Roles and Goals PresentationMSA Roles and Goals 5 Year Plan Developed by MSA President Dr. David Coupland, this …resource5-year-plan msa-roles pdf
November 24, 2019NMSES Strategic PrioritiesNMSES Strategic Priorities Our strategic plan was developed in December 2018 by the Nanaimo MSA …resourcepdf priorities