Strategic Plan


To foster strong, independent, accountable, effective leadership that empowers physician voices, promotes collaboration and engagement, and nurtures physician wellbeing.


Develop a cohesive, empowered medical staff that engages with Island Health and the community to optimize patient care and physician wellbeing.


1. Invest in governance that supports the work We promote governance models that facilitate organizational effectiveness, open dialogue, collaborative priority-setting, and provide an effective physician voice.
2. Act as agents of change to improve how we meet We reach out to physicians to keep them informed and connected while simultaneously ensuring that they are aware that NMSES is an avenue to raise issues. We ensure that this reciprocal engagement is dynamic, inclusive and has a positive tone.
3. Build relationships with colleagues locally and across Island We create intentional places/opportunities for us to connect, as well as build and maintain relationships across the Island to promote broader collegiality.
4. Strengthen relationships with Island Health We use relationships built amongst our colleagues locally and across the Island to engage in a positive way with Island Health.
5. Develop connections with the community We connect and engage with the community to better understand their needs and actively involve them as partners in health.
6. Things that improve patient care We support physicians to lead and participate in projects that directly improve the care we provide to patients.
7. Contribute to hospital planning We advocate for physician voices to be partners in all hospital planning.


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