Rural POCUS Rounds | Third Trimester Ultrasound: What POCUS can and cannot do

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About the Event

Speaker: Dr. Andrew Kotaska

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the utility of fetal surveillance methods including:
    • Fetal growth
    • Amniotic fluid assessment
    • Umbilical cord Doppler measurement
    • Non stress test
    • Biophysical profile
    • Oxytocin challenge test
  • Discuss what POCUS can do:
    • Fetal lie
    • Position of the presenting part
    • Amniotic fluid measurement: fetal wellbeing & PROM
    • Obtain a BPD to estimate dates when no previous U/S
  • List what POCUS cannot do:
    • Diagnose abruption
    • Rule out placenta previa or vasa previa

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